Full Name: Helena Alison Serena   
HM Queen Helena of Chandolina (older)

Born: February 23, 1959 (London, England)


HRH Prince Richard of Fairfield (father)

HRH Princess Serena of Fairfield (mother)


HRH Prince Henry of Fairfield (January 14, 1955 -

HRH Princess Mary of Fairfield (August 21, 1957 -


May 29, 1985 - June 4, 1997

Royal Titles:

HRH Princess Helena of Fairfield (February 23, 1959 - May 29, 1985)

HM Queen Helena of Chandolina (May 29, 1985 - June 4, 1997)

HM Queen Dowager Helena of Chandolina (June 4, 1997 -


HM King Stephen I


May 29, 1985


HM King Frederick VII of Chandolina (October 2, 1987 -

HRH Prince Frederick, The Hereditary Prince of Chandolina (August 9, 1991 -

HRH Prince George, Duke of Dover (October 31, 1987 -          (adopted)

HRH Princess Elisabeth of Dover (September 2, 1994 -           (adopted)

Early LifeEdit

She was born February 23, 1959 the second daughter to Prince Richard and Princess Mary of Fairfield in The London Hospital in London, England. She was mostly raised in Oxford, where her parents were both professors in French literature. Growing up, she was a tomboy and was on the girls' basket team in secondary school. In 1975, her father got a job in Wentworth University so the family moved to Chandolina.


In the summer of 1975, her brother Henry met Crown Prince Stephen of Chandolina and the two became friends. At the time, Helena didn't pay attention to him but overtime they began to talk and they also became friends. Helena's first relationship was a boy in her World History class, but that ended when he wanted her to stop playing sports and act more like a girl.

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